Our Maternity Photos


Before I was pregnant, I actually did not think we’d take maternity photos. I’ve taken them for plenty of other people, and always love how beautiful pregnant ladies look, but I just didn’t see why I’d want those photos, personally. I figured, the more fun photos are once the baby is outside your belly, right?

And that’s probably true. But then you’re pregnant. And you realize it’s almost a year of your life. And how do you not document something that lasted almost a year of your life??? I’m so glad we invited our friend Eric into our home a couple months ago to capture this season. After all, so much happened in 2015 for us. A move back across the country to Chicago, new job for Jason, many new “jobs” for myself, and baby!!!!

I also actually really like how the first half of the session doesn’t really look like a maternity session at all (since I’m sitting for most of them and you can only sort of see my belly), but really just has us here in our life in this Chicago apartment. It’s one of the first homes we’ve lived in that I really truly feel expresses our style and feels like a home, and it’s been so fun to work on it.

And then I changed into the robe, not being sure how they’d turn out and if they would feel too personal to share, but obviously I think they are okay :) I think Eric did an amazing job making them tasteful and pretty. The purchase was well worth it, I’m excited to have something cute to wear in the hospital and I’m sure it will be worn a lot post baby around the house as well. For those curious, here is a link to the etsy shop where I got it.

Huge thanks to Eric for the amazing photos!!



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